Taiwan’s Top 10 Hot Springs

Guguan (谷關)-040.jpg

Apart from night markets, hot springs in Taiwan are the must-see for many visitors. Hot springs are loved not only for their novelty, but also for their therapeutic benefits, as they provide relief to nervous, digestive, circulatory or organ disorders. This is because hot springs emerge from the very depths of the Earth, meaning that their waters carry a powerful mix of natural minerals and chemicals that are beneficial to our health. Today, many resort-style hot springs have taken advantage of this, creating luxury spa and health centers where customers can take advantage of hot spring hydrotherapy. However, many Taiwanese still prefer to go and have a good soak in the much untouched hot springs, as their ancestors once did.

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[台灣] 我們走過的”橋”比你走過的路還長?2015讓你一口氣超越我們!

Zhushan Sky Ladder (竹山天梯)-003



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