Things to Do in Taiwan in February

Foguangshan (佛光山)-049.jpg

In February, the winter is coming to an end in Taiwan, but the weather can still be quite changeable. Expect (mostly) warm sunny days in the south, yet don’t get too frustrated when occasional rain in the north keeps you penned indoors. That being said, always bring an umbrella when traveling to the north. As Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival both tend to fall in February depending on the year, culture buffs will be thrilled at the chance to travel in Taiwan during the month of Februaryfestive celebrations everywhere!

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Taiwan’s Top 10 Museums

Taiwan Land Bank Exhibition Hall (國立臺灣博物館 - 土地銀行展示館)-025.jpg

Certainly if you are heading to Europe, the great museums of Paris, London or Berlin will be first on your to-do list. But if you are coming to Taiwan, museums might not be the first thing that comes to mind! Nevertheless, Taiwan has a healthy museum culture, with both unique and traditional curatorship and many interesting objects on display. Museums are a great choice any day, but perhaps they are even better kept up your sleeve for those typically Taiwanese sweltering days (or rainy ones!) as a pleasant escape from the elements. Here we have compiled a list of museums exhibiting riches as diverse as ancient Chinese artefacts, incense and even sugar. There is a museum to suit everyone in Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s Top 10 Temples

Shenwei Tiantaishan (神威天台山)-031.jpg

Religion in Taiwan is rich in diversity and history and is a key part of the lives of many Taiwanese people. Indeed, some say that the Taiwanese don’t just follow the religion, but actually “live” it, their daily routines and special rites of passages shaped by the will of the gods. Although there are also many Christians in Taiwan, most Taiwanese practice Confucianism, Daoism or Buddhism- and many actually practice them all at the same time! Perhaps this is because Taiwanese temples tend to come in and out of popularity depending on their efficacy. That is, one temple might be the chosen destination for those wanting good exam results, while another might be ideal for those wanting children. Listed here are Taiwan’s top 10 most interesting temples, from those made of sea shells, to those in caves, to those shaped like phalluses. Here you will find something to suit any need, and every curiosity!

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[台灣] 適合全家的親子旅遊,全台特搜前三十 PART 1(中南部篇)

King Garden (大黑松小倆口元首館)-001
適合全家的親子旅遊,全台特搜前三十 PART 1


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[台灣] 全台巷弄間富有特色的商店,讓逛街的樂趣超過香港與新加坡

Zhongxiao Dunhua Shopping Area (忠孝敦化商圈)-021



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[台灣] 全台特色校園大搜查

Tunghai University (東海大學)-003



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[台灣] 婚紗照拍攝好去處 – 歐洲風

Moncoeur 心之芳庭


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