Top 10 Winter-Warmer Hot Pots in Taiwan

Quan (寬巷子)-049.jpg

Even though the south of Taiwan has a tropical monsoon climate and the north is subtropical, winter in Taiwan can still feel mighty cold. And while there is no doubt that winters in Taiwan are short and sweet, a lack of heating in buildings can sometimes make them feel even harder to bear than those the winters of Europe! But luckily Taiwan has a remedy: hot pot. Indeed, as the weather gets colder in Taiwan, the hot pots get hotter.

Ranging from approximately TWD100 to 1000, hot pots in Taiwan come in all sorts of different flavors and styles. But whether you eat it to fight off colds or for pure enjoyment, hot pot in Taiwan is not to miss. Here we have compiled a list of our favorite ten winter-warmers to get you started!

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Top 10 Taiwanese Restaurants

Fun Bar (飯Bar)-031.jpg

Taiwan has been called the food capital of the world by the CNN, so it would be absolutely criminal to miss out on good old-style Taiwanese cuisine while visiting. But although there is a huge number of Taiwanese style restaurants offering a wide range of different delicacies, sometimes it can be really hard to know where to go. Here, we have compiled a list of our top 10 Taiwanese style restaurants in Taiwan. All of them are relatively upmarket, offering a great dining experience and delicious food. There is something here to suit everyone, from vegetarian food, to Chinese duck, from all-you-can-eat to Bubble Tea. Enjoy!

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