Taiwan’s Top 10 Hot Springs

Guguan (谷關)-040.jpg

Apart from night markets, hot springs in Taiwan are the must-see for many visitors. Hot springs are loved not only for their novelty, but also for their therapeutic benefits, as they provide relief to nervous, digestive, circulatory or organ disorders. This is because hot springs emerge from the very depths of the Earth, meaning that their waters carry a powerful mix of natural minerals and chemicals that are beneficial to our health. Today, many resort-style hot springs have taken advantage of this, creating luxury spa and health centers where customers can take advantage of hot spring hydrotherapy. However, many Taiwanese still prefer to go and have a good soak in the much untouched hot springs, as their ancestors once did.

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Top 10 Winter-Warmer Hot Pots in Taiwan

Quan (寬巷子)-049.jpg

Even though the south of Taiwan has a tropical monsoon climate and the north is subtropical, winter in Taiwan can still feel mighty cold. And while there is no doubt that winters in Taiwan are short and sweet, a lack of heating in buildings can sometimes make them feel even harder to bear than those the winters of Europe! But luckily Taiwan has a remedy: hot pot. Indeed, as the weather gets colder in Taiwan, the hot pots get hotter.

Ranging from approximately TWD100 to 1000, hot pots in Taiwan come in all sorts of different flavors and styles. But whether you eat it to fight off colds or for pure enjoyment, hot pot in Taiwan is not to miss. Here we have compiled a list of our favorite ten winter-warmers to get you started!

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Taiwan’s Top 10 Museums

Taiwan Land Bank Exhibition Hall (國立臺灣博物館 - 土地銀行展示館)-025.jpg

Certainly if you are heading to Europe, the great museums of Paris, London or Berlin will be first on your to-do list. But if you are coming to Taiwan, museums might not be the first thing that comes to mind! Nevertheless, Taiwan has a healthy museum culture, with both unique and traditional curatorship and many interesting objects on display. Museums are a great choice any day, but perhaps they are even better kept up your sleeve for those typically Taiwanese sweltering days (or rainy ones!) as a pleasant escape from the elements. Here we have compiled a list of museums exhibiting riches as diverse as ancient Chinese artefacts, incense and even sugar. There is a museum to suit everyone in Taiwan.

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Taiwan’s Top 10 Temples

Shenwei Tiantaishan (神威天台山)-031.jpg

Religion in Taiwan is rich in diversity and history and is a key part of the lives of many Taiwanese people. Indeed, some say that the Taiwanese don’t just follow the religion, but actually “live” it, their daily routines and special rites of passages shaped by the will of the gods. Although there are also many Christians in Taiwan, most Taiwanese practice Confucianism, Daoism or Buddhism- and many actually practice them all at the same time! Perhaps this is because Taiwanese temples tend to come in and out of popularity depending on their efficacy. That is, one temple might be the chosen destination for those wanting good exam results, while another might be ideal for those wanting children. Listed here are Taiwan’s top 10 most interesting temples, from those made of sea shells, to those in caves, to those shaped like phalluses. Here you will find something to suit any need, and every curiosity!

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Top 10 Taiwanese Restaurants

Fun Bar (飯Bar)-031.jpg

Taiwan has been called the food capital of the world by the CNN, so it would be absolutely criminal to miss out on good old-style Taiwanese cuisine while visiting. But although there is a huge number of Taiwanese style restaurants offering a wide range of different delicacies, sometimes it can be really hard to know where to go. Here, we have compiled a list of our top 10 Taiwanese style restaurants in Taiwan. All of them are relatively upmarket, offering a great dining experience and delicious food. There is something here to suit everyone, from vegetarian food, to Chinese duck, from all-you-can-eat to Bubble Tea. Enjoy!

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十七年前的今天 – 921大地震改變了台灣的觀光版圖

921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan (921地震教育園區)-014


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[時光映像 x Paul 聯名贊助] 世界級的拍攝場景:台灣沙灘與海岸線

Qingshui Cliff Kayak Rolling (清水斷崖划獨木舟)-080

Landscapes diversity and talented filming crews at lower cost makes Taiwan a desirable destination. Although various music videos, car commercials, and hollywood movies were filmed on this alluring island, not many people were aware of it. One of the most popular landscapes for filming is our beaches. For sun and beach during winter, directors can consider Kenting in southern Taiwan to fulfill their needs. There is a special project this week that roundTAIWANround has collaborated with Moment Pictures. With Moment Pictures’ years of experiences in bringing foreigners into Taiwan for film productions, we would like to highlight the top 10 beaches in our beautiful country.

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[台灣] 奇形怪狀當代建築 TOP10

Kaohsiung National Stadium (高雄國家體育場)-006當大家想到欣賞前衛的建築時,通常都會認為國家的首都是第一優先,但事實上可能不是你所想的,比方說西班牙的首都在馬德里,但精采的高地建築幾乎都在巴塞隆納,中國北京古色古香,但是建築師們爭相來到上海挑戰天際線。回到台灣,其實台北因為松山機場而有建築高度限制外,許多老舊社區讓都市更新執行有所難度,加上市區所甚的空地已經很稀有,讓建築師沒有太多發揮的空間,所以給一些外國觀光客總是有台北落後的感覺。雖然老舊並不一定代表落後,但是除了台北101之外,實在沒有太多精采的當代建築可看。不過在台灣的其他地方,可是有一些有趣甚至奇形怪狀的建築,這週roundTAIWANround根據我們自己的主觀意識,挑出了全台十大特色當代建築。

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