Things to Do in Taiwan in February

Foguangshan (佛光山)-049.jpg

In February, the winter is coming to an end in Taiwan, but the weather can still be quite changeable. Expect (mostly) warm sunny days in the south, yet don’t get too frustrated when occasional rain in the north keeps you penned indoors. That being said, always bring an umbrella when traveling to the north. As Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival both tend to fall in February depending on the year, culture buffs will be thrilled at the chance to travel in Taiwan during the month of Februaryfestive celebrations everywhere!

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Things to Do in Taiwan in January

Dongyanshan (東眼山)-087.jpg

In Taiwan, the coldest time of the year starts in January. It can be cool and/or cloudy and most homes are not heated. Northerners shiver as the mercury hovers around 10°C, while the south usually doesn’t get too cold. However, winter jackets and gloves are still essential when you are out early in the morning or late at night. For most people out there, January is not the best time to be traveling weather-wise, but we are telling you: Winter is no less fun than summer in Taiwan. Read on and you’ll never have a boring winter day again!

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Things to Do in Taiwan in December

Quan (寬巷子)-048.jpg

Winter officially starts from December, but visitors to Taiwan in December can still enjoy most outdoor attractions as the weather stays mild. However, there is a very remarkable difference in temperature between day and night. Expect the unexpected, in today’s climatic chaos, and be prepared. As central heating is not a common way of life here, some might need to sleep in the tracking suit, bed cover plus sleeping bag (okay, that’s a bit exaggerated) so they won’t freeze. Unlike North America and Europe, winter months in Taiwan are anything but “sleeping” holidays. The activity level will be the same as ever. The island is very vibrant, full of festivity but still in working condition. Nothing is closed on Christmas day. Nothing. So put your mind at rest and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

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Taiwan’s Top 10 Cherry Blossom Destinations

Alishan Youth Activity Center (阿里山青年活動中心)-009.jpg

March and April are Japan’s peak seasons for tourism. At this time, air tickets and hotel prices are at least double. Why? Because Japan’s national flower, the cherry blossom, is in bloom. But did you know that Taiwan also has some beautiful cherry blossoms of its own? Given the cheap cost of coming to Taiwan, as well as its beauty, it really does make sense to come to Taiwan to experience the magic of cherry blossoms instead! Here we have compiled a list of prime locations for appreciating the cherry blossoms in Taiwan.

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十七年前的今天 – 921大地震改變了台灣的觀光版圖

921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan (921地震教育園區)-014


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[台灣] 適合全家的親子旅遊,全台特搜前三十 PART 1(中南部篇)

King Garden (大黑松小倆口元首館)-001
適合全家的親子旅遊,全台特搜前三十 PART 1


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[台灣] 週末一日小旅行,讓你週一上班瞬間瘦身有感

Little Chilai (小奇萊)-043

雖然甲午年都還沒有過完,新年也是下週的事情,但已經可以預想大吃大喝加作息顛倒後,一定會有人羞於回到辦公室,面對同事們的揶揄。要上健身房除了要繳月費還要很有毅力,沒有朋友家人的陪伴,實在很難持之以恆, 但是台灣有70%的面積都是山區,利用週末假日約三五好友出門踏青可是很容易啟口的,藉由運動燃燒過度脂肪,不僅增加更人魅力,更是維持健康的好方法。不過還有一個小小問題沒有解決,那就是活動一整天總是會想犒賞自己,結果享用一頓美味午餐,熱量又都回來了。所以本週roundTAIWANround在走訪了全台一千多個景點後,精選出了十個地方,周邊沒有美食的誘惑(或者根本沒有食物可獵),且不需要特殊技能或重裝備,就可以輕鬆欣賞風景又減肥。

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[台灣] 全台特色校園大搜查

Tunghai University (東海大學)-003



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