Instagram Weekly Challenge #5: ‪#‎rtrSunset

So, a lot of you do head to the coast to watch the tiny fishing boats blissfully drifting on the crashing waves against a golden sunset, while some go high up to the mountains where air is imbued with warm, orange-hued rays of light, almost as if washing away all the negative energy surrounding you — for sure that every single second spent there is a marvel itself. Thanks to the winners of the week, we get to travel a bit while being bathed in golden hour hues:
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Things to Do in Taiwan in November

With the mild weather and little rain, November is no doubt the best month to visit Taiwan. It is the low season when you get best discounts on accommodation at major tourist sights (up to 50%) yet the high season for hot-spring hotels. Even though the island doesn’t really experience snow (but anything is possible in these days of abnormal weather at abnormal times…), the weather can still be chilly, especially in the mountainous areas. If Taiwan’s subtropical climate scares you off, a visit in November will be a sheer delight.

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Things to Do in Taiwan in October

Hehuan Main Peak (合歡主峰)-021.jpg

October is no doubt the best time of the year for traveling around Taiwan. You get to avoid the huge crowd but still have fairly pleasant weather, cheaper prices and access to still-open attractions. It is also the best time to visit outer islands such as Penghu, Xiaoliuqiu and Lanyu. The northeast monsoon lasts about six months from October to late March and brings wet weather to the northeast side of the island, while central and southern regions stay relatively dry. In October, average low and high temperatures are 23 °C (74 °F) and 26 °C (79 °F), cooling a bit from the scorching summer heat, especially in the north. We have put together a Forrest Gump-type list of all the wonderful things to do in Taiwan in October. If you are already tempted by those good discounts on accommodation and flights, why not take a look at it?

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Things to Do in Taiwan in September

Shuishe Pier (水社碼頭)-001.jpg

In Taiwan, the sweltering hot summer is officially over in September when the breezy autumn becomes our mate. The humidity can still be outrageous though, but the southwest monsoon (associated with typhoons) ends in late September. As kids return to school in early September, attraction sites are a lot less hectic after the summer vacation, which means September is a good time of the year to travel around Taiwan without being bombarded by heavy traffic jams and huge crowds. Traveling in shoulder also get you a far nicer hotel room at a lower price if you know what to look for. Just because it’s autumn in Taiwan doesn’t mean your stay would be chilly and full of rain. Weather is still fair, sun is still bright, and the notorious subtropical heat is still here but way less intimidating. Tempting enough? Check out some of the cool things to do in Taiwan to have a blast in September!

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Things to Do in Taiwan in August

Liushidanshan (六十石山)-002.jpg

August is a festive month in Taiwan, both in this world and the afterworld. There are an array of events dedicated to Mother Nature as well as hungry ghosts, where convivial festivities and sombre celebrations can be expected all around the island. It is also the “ghost month.” Wandering spirits are believed to search for substitutes — you or me — to take their places in hell and entice the living into water, to drown, so tourism takes a hit as locals avoid the beach. The high temperatures and frequent rains in midsummer can be overwhelming sometimes, so make sure you pack wisely for the subtropical climate of Taiwan (see how to pack for heat and humidity here). 

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