Instagram Weekly Challenge #7: ‪#‎rtrPeople

A week ago, we asked our followers on Instagram to share their stories with Taiwanese people through their photos and their eyes, and among so many submissions this week, the works of @mhice especially caught our eye. So, we decided to dedicate this whole post to her. Thanks for all your participation. Stay tuned for the next challenge!

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Instagram Weekly Challenge #6: ‪#‎rtrArchitecture

Is architecture about space, time or even human connection? You don’t know much about what’s behind the concrete walls, but there are always stories to be told, history to be learned and unknown spots to be discovered. So why not let our winners of the week help you explore your surroundings from different perspectives? They are:

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Instagram Weekly Challenge #5: ‪#‎rtrSunset

So, a lot of you do head to the coast to watch the tiny fishing boats blissfully drifting on the crashing waves against a golden sunset, while some go high up to the mountains where air is imbued with warm, orange-hued rays of light, almost as if washing away all the negative energy surrounding you — for sure that every single second spent there is a marvel itself. Thanks to the winners of the week, we get to travel a bit while being bathed in golden hour hues:
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