Who We Are

roundTAIWANround as a name is just as much our philosophy as it is our goal. The concept of traveling completely around Taiwan is the perfect way to experience the varied and distinct landscapes and cultures of this island nation, yet this kind of travel only began to gain widespread attention in the mid-2000s. The round Taiwan trip has become something of a rite of passage for youth transitioning into adulthood, middle aged professionals seeking a new direction, and even elderly who want to prove to themselves they still have it in them. This journey is known as 環島 (huándǎo) or simply “round island trip” and we believe everyone should take the chance to explore Taiwan, and life, in this way: full circle. In fact, it was through our own 環島 experiences that roundTAIWANround was born.

Our Mission

Taiwan may look small on a map, but its character and history are anything but! Our travels around (as well as off) the island led us to the ironic realization that there is so much to do yet so little known about this country outside of the Chinese speaking world. So in 2011, we embarked on an ambitious journey to bridge this gap and bring Taiwan to the world through beautiful photography, expertly researched travel information, and unparalleled professional service.

We’re working hard and playing hard to share the most authentic and memorable experiences with our guests, so please check back often to see how we’re saying, “Welcome to Taiwan!”

Some interesting facts about roundTAIWANround

We’re locally owned and are a diverse team of young professionals from both Taiwan and around the world.

Our “home” is anywhere we find ourselves: we’re based in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaohsiung and Pingtung.

玩島玩旅行社 is our officially registered Chinese name. The first part (玩島玩) is pronounced wándǎowán, and by reading it aloud, you should get an idea of how Taiwanese love wordplay. 玩 means to have fun and 島 is island. Thus, we created our Chinese company name to mimic our English one, as they both represent our vision for the perfect Taiwan trip. (旅行社 or “lǚxíngshè” means we’re a licensed travel service provider.)

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