Things to Do in Taiwan in June

Are you visiting Taiwan during the month of June? Well, just because typhoons start to hit the country doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun during your travel. Be sure to grab your flip-flops as we wear them in the rain. And when it’s not raining? It’s even better because your toes get to feel that tropical breeze! Keep this in mind: raincoats always work the best during a typhoon – umbrellas will be all in a twist from the crazy winds, you’ll see. When there is no rain, it can be really hot in June. All you need is tanktops and shorts. Nothing else.

Since your backpack is all ready, why aren’t you? Let’s find out what cool things you can do during the summer month of June.

Whale Watching in Hualien

The peak season for dolphin watching occurs between May and October as the sea is usually calm with low waves during the period. It takes around 3 hours for the whole trip. Forget about the captive dolphin shows at ocean theme parks. Why not taking a ride on the boat and sailing on the Pacific Ocean and let the wild and happy dolphins surprise you from every possible direction? If you are visiting in June, don’t miss out!

River Tracing in Hualien

Hualien is no doubt a summer paradise for water activities, where outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers come year round to get away from it all and experience exciting adventures such as an unforgettable river tracing journey. The trip can be done no matter what time of the year, but in June, nothing beats the sweltering heat like having fun in the water. This is how many locals keep themselves cool and active all day long under the Taiwanese sun.


Did anyone just say a cool dip in the water? Mukumugi is a heavenly secret spot in Hualien, where the Qingshui Stream flows through the valley, forming a wealth of deep pools of crystal clear water. If you want to experience Mother Nature at its finest, this is the place. In June, you can go for a wild swim or enjoy the playful “pool jumping,” a popular activity among the aboriginal children. (It is currently closed for renovation.)

Hualien Brewery

You’re in Hualien and feel like having a beer or two? The local brand Taiwan Beer has a long history of almost a century. Having an ever rich foam head and light on the hops, Taiwan Beer is instantly recognized across Southeast Asia and has shone in many different international competitions. Located near the tranquil Qixingtan, Hualien Brewery sits right next to the grand Pacific Ocean and is open to the public, allowing every beer lover to get to know more about this world-renowned brand and even have a sip of these heavenly elixirs.

Xiuguluan River Ironman Triathlon

With a length of 104 km, Xiuguluan River is the longest river in eastern Taiwan as well as the only river that cuts through the coastal mountain range. From May to October, Xiuguluan River offers plenty of opportunities for adrenaline-pumping rafting experiences and attracts myriads of thrill-seekers who enjoy outdoor challenges and fun. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and happen to be visiting Hualien in June, challenge yourself with the Xiuguluan River Ironman Triathlon, which consists of a 44-kilometer bicycle ride, a 12.6-kilometer marathon ride, and an 11-kilometer rafting ride!

Zhuiliu Old Trail

A trip to Hualien is never complete without visiting the magnificent Taroko Gorge. But if you’re born with a fear of heights, it’s better to look away now; if not, read on because you’re going to love this. Zhuilu Old Trail offers the most breathtaking bird’s-eye views in the whole Taroko Gorge area, and you’ll be amazed by the 500-meter-long Zhuilu Cliff that is one of the greatest adrenaline rushes you’ll ever experience. Imagine yourself looking down from the top of Taipei 101, but the scenery below is the magnificent marble-walled canyon. That’s pretty much about Zhuilu Old Trail.

Tobacco Barn House Village

You do love nature but maybe something not TOO exciting? Well, how about a cultural trip to the historic Tobacco Barn House Village in the Fenglin Township of Hualien? With the advance of technology, the traditional tobacco manufacturing industry died out, but dozens of tobacco barns used to roast the freshly harvested leaves get to survive and continue to tell the history and allow visitors to have a glimpse of the past.

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar and tends to fall in late May/early June depending on the year. On this day of the year, the boat races are being held around Taiwan, but with a lot of food stands and cultural performances involved, the one in Taiwan is especially worth visiting.

Dajia Riverside Park

No worries if you’re based in Taipei and don’t have much time traveling to the south, the dragon boat races held at Dajia Riverside Park won’t disappoint, either. Each year, there are more than 200 teams from all over the world with 5,000 something participants. Sounds like a great big party, no?

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