Things to Do in Taiwan in April

October is no doubt the best time of the year for traveling around Taiwan, and so is April. Expect warm yet not humid weather as well as clear skies. With abundant music festivals and religious celebrations, April is also one of the most festive months of the year. Wherever you go, you will see myriads of flowers blooming all around the island. Whether you are a cultural buff or nature lover, April will always be a delight. Read on and find out what you can do if you are visiting Taiwan during the month of April.


Located at the doorstep of downtown Taipei, Yangmingshan is known as the backyard of Taipei and provides an escape from the chaos of urban living. While visiting Yangmingshan National Park, you should never miss out on Zhuzihu (literally “bamboo lake”). In March and April, Zhuzihu tantalizes with its beautiful array of calla lily flowers and blush cherry blossoms that emerge from pink buds, and the area is overflowing with tourists who flock to admire these blooming flowers when the weather is fair.


Kenting is known to be the paradise for beach lovers and sun seekers as southern Taiwan is blessed with endless sunshine and awe-inspiring scenery. However, in Kenting National Park, the most fantastic places are the tropical coastal forest—whose beautiful scenery has appeared in Hollywood movies, as well as colorful coral reefs under the sea, magnificent stalactites underground, and a repopulation area for Formosan sika deer.

Alishan Shouzhen Temple

Every April, this highest-altitude temple in Taiwan will be visited by a significant number of butterflies who roost on the statue of the Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven (玄天上帝). Call it a coincidence or whatever, but for the pious worshippers here, such a mysterious wonder is a blessing to celebrate the deity’s birthday, which falls on the third month of the lunar calendar.

Alishan Tea Plantations

Alishan is famous for its premium grade yet affordable High Mountain Tea. It is the perfect company for those who seek mental calmness and spiritual clarity, whose unique flavors and fragrant scent are one of its kind. If visiting Alishan during the harvest season, which is in April, you will be able to inhale the fresh aroma floating from the Alishan Tea Plantations.

Bombax Bikeway

Named one of the world’s 15 most magical streets shaded by flowers and trees, this bikeway in Linchupi (林初埤) lined with 790 flowering Bombax tree has added a splash of color to Baihe District, Tainan City. The peak blooming period is during the months of March and April, when the beautiful orange blooms make a distinct contrast with the adjacent paddy fields, drawing in a multitude of cyclists and tourists to enjoy a leisurely stroll down this picturesque street.


Dongshi Forest Garden

Dongshi Forest Garden is a fantastic location for firefly watching all year round, but in March and April, the number of fireflies will reach its peak. These little dancing fireflies create a magical illusion in a completely natural setting of enchanted forests, which will surely be the experience of a lifetime in early spring. In April, butterflies are frequent visitors as well.


Commonly known as “blue tears,” neon blue fluorescent algae lights up the coast of Matsu from April to September. The glowing algae can only be seen in an absolute darkness, so choosing a dark place is definitely crucial. An algae bloom can be present early due to early warm weather conditions, so keep your eyes peeled to see this wonder!

Gaomei Wetlands

Only a twenty minutes’ drive away from Dajia Mazu Temple, Gaomei Wetlands is one of the few wetlands in Taiwan that have not been destroyed by development and remain a wonderful place to visit. It is not near any public transport, meaning that most tourists miss out on this gem when in Taichung.

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