Things to Do in Taiwan in January

Dongyanshan (東眼山)-087.jpg

In Taiwan, the coldest time of the year starts in January. It can be cool and/or cloudy and most homes are not heated. Northerners shiver as the mercury hovers around 10°C, while the south usually doesn’t get too cold. However, winter jackets and gloves are still essential when you are out early in the morning or late at night. For most people out there, January is not the best time to be traveling weather-wise, but we are telling you: Winter is no less fun than summer in Taiwan. Read on and you’ll never have a boring winter day again!

Dihua Street (迪化街)-010.JPG

Dihua Street

Chinese New Year tends to fall in late January/early February depending on the year, and Dihua Street is a pronoun of shopping for Chinese New Year’s fares. It is rather a quiet area in ordinary days, while everything changes a few days before the Chinese New Year’s Eve. Thousands of people flood in the incredibly packed street, where vendors’ street cries can be heard all the time. Undoubtedly, Dihua Street is the perfect destination to experience the festive atmosphere during the Chinese New Year in Taiwan.

How to take Tripool to Dihua Street?

Taipei 101 (台北101)-037.jpg

Taipei City

If you are visiting Taiwan around Chinese New Year, most cities are jammed with sightseers and people visiting relatives — but not for Taipei. During this festive period, the capital city is literally empty as neighbors are away on vacation, making the city a great destination in January. Unfortunately, accommodation rates still go through the roof.

How to take Tripool to Taipei?

Vase Rock (花瓶岩)-001.jpg


During the colder months, excursions to offshore islands such as Penghu and Orchid Island are less pleasant and more prone to delays, while Xiaoliuqiu has a tropical monsoon climate with warm temperatures all year round. It is basically the one and only offshore island you will find pleasure in visiting during the month of January.

How to take Tripool to Donggang Harbor, where you will take a ferry to Xiaoliuqiu?

Lavender Cottage (薰衣草森林)-077.jpg

Lavender Cottage

No need to fly all the way to Aix-en-Provence to appreciate a soothing sea of lavender, a visit to Lavender Cottage will make you feel just like in the south of France. Lavender flowers only bloom between November and April, so if you happen to be visiting in January, make sure you swing by!

How to take Tripool to Lavender Cottage?

Sun Link Sea (杉林溪)-015.jpg

Sun Link Sea

Sun Link Sea is truly a park to suit everyone’s need. Flower lovers will enjoy the flower and herb park with various species blossoming in all seasons, particularly the sea of tulips that emblazon the forest park with an eye-dazzling palette of colors in January.

How to take Tripool to Sun Link Sea?

Maolin Butterfly Walkway (茂林賞蝶步道)-018.jpg

Maolin Scenic Area

Located in the mountains of Kaohsiung, Maolin is rarely visited in usual times. However, in January, millions of purple crow butterflies travel to Taiwan when migrating south for winter. More and more visitors equipped with cameras come to Maolin to see abundant butterflies crowding in the valley, witnessing one of the world’s rare ecological wonders.

How to take Tripool to Maolin?

Kungadavane (多納部落)-038.jpg


Kungadavane, a remotely located and hardly accessible aboriginal tribe, is finely preserved within the Maolin Scenic Area. It is highly recommended to engage a guide to facilitate both your ease in getting here and in understanding the cultural richness of this community as well as Rukai people’s way of living.

Tienliao Moon World (田寮月世界)-045-1.jpg

Tianliao Moon World

In the vicinity of Maolin, Tianliao Moon World allows visitors to explore the magnificence and splendor of the badlands. These strange landscapes of barren clay soil eroded into bizarre knife-edge ridges and sharp pinnacles, reminiscent of the moon’s surface, hence the name.

How to take Tripool to Tianliao Moon World?

Strawberry Picking Fenglin (鳳林採草莓)-002.jpg

Dahu Strawberry Picking

The Dahu Township of Miaoli is known as the “Strawberry Kingdom,” where from December to April visitors are allowed to grab a basket and walk slowly through the picturesque strawberry fields to pick their own luscious strawberries, to discover how a strawberry grows and to enjoy the freshest and most genuine taste of springtime.

How to take Tripool to Miaoli Dahu?

Flying Cow Ranch (飛牛牧場)-031.jpg

Flying Cow Ranch

While in Miaoli, never miss the chance to visit Flying Cow Ranch especially when you are traveling as a family. It is the best destination for parents to spend some quality time with their little ones. Covering a vast area, the ranch grazes cattle, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits and ducks. Kids can benefit from interaction with these animals on the farm and even get to experience the joy of milking a cow to see where milk really comes from.

How to take Tripool to Flying Cow Ranch?


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