Things to Do in Taiwan in December

Quan (寬巷子)-048.jpg

Winter officially starts from December, but visitors to Taiwan in December can still enjoy most outdoor attractions as the weather stays mild. However, there is a very remarkable difference in temperature between day and night. Expect the unexpected, in today’s climatic chaos, and be prepared. As central heating is not a common way of life here, some might need to sleep in the tracking suit, bed cover plus sleeping bag (okay, that’s a bit exaggerated) so they won’t freeze. Unlike North America and Europe, winter months in Taiwan are anything but “sleeping” holidays. The activity level will be the same as ever. The island is very vibrant, full of festivity but still in working condition. Nothing is closed on Christmas day. Nothing. So put your mind at rest and enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

Governor-General Hot Spring (舊金山總督溫泉)-018

Taiwan’s Top 10 Hot Springs

Hot springs are loved not only for their novelty, but also for their therapeutic benefits, as they provide relief to nervous, digestive, circulatory or organ disorders. Take advantage of the chilly weather and wash away all your fatigue by soaking up in the much untouched hot springs in Taiwan.

Wanjin Catholic Church (萬金聖母聖殿)-045.jpg

Wanjin Catholic Church

Founded in 1863 by a Spanish-Dominican missionary, Wanjin Catholic Church located in Pingtung is known to be the oldest Catholic church in Taiwan. Having been in use for more than a century, the sizable palanquin with the Holy Mother sitting within is paraded through the streets of Pingtung on the second Sunday of December, and this grand celebration is no doubt a perfect combination of the East and the West. To make it a festive celebration, the local government even puts on a 3D light show as well as the main display of a Christmas tree that will dazzle throughout the holiday season.

How to take Tripool to Wanjin Catholic Church?

Hehuan Main Peak (合歡主峰)-048.JPG


Yes, it does snow in Taiwan, but only up in the high mountains deep in the Central Mountain Range such as Hehuanshan, where the mountain tops will be capped with snow in winter. As snow is such a rarity for most Taiwanese who aren’t mountain climbers, the flaky white stuff attracts a significant number of locals wanting to experience something so unusual for a subtropical island.

How to take Tripool to Hehuanshan?

Aowanda (奧萬大)-022.jpg


Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area is literally drenched in maple flowers during the winter months, painting the vast park red with their gorgeously shaded leaves and providing a colorful backdrop for perfect family days out. These Japanese maples are particularly colorful in December, in a blaze of red, orange and yellow.

How to take Tripool to Aowanda?

Taipei 101 Fireworks (台北市政府跨年演唱會)-033.jpg

New Year Celebrations

Named by CNN as one of the top ten New Year’s Eve destinations in the world, Taiwan is a great place to welcome in the New Year. To make your New Year extra memorable this year, check out some evening and morning options in this previous post, from Elephant Mountain to Bishan Temple and Taimali.

Alishan Sunrise (阿里山日出)-012.jpg

Alishan Sunrise Impression Concert

After the fireworks that cap New Year’s Eve, it’s just a few hours more until the first dawn of the New Year. Many locals opt for Alishan, where they can appreciate the golden hour hues in the most elegant setting ever — with classical music performed live by an orchestra.

How to take Tripool to Alishan?

Baishihu (白石湖)-027.jpg


If you decide to spend your New Year’s Eve in Taipei, don’t miss out on Baishihu, where visitors get to enjoy the outdoors and pick their own strawberries. The typical strawberry season in Taiwan lasts from December to April. Thirty minutes away from downtown Taipei, Baishihu is probably the only location that you could experience the fun of fruit picking right in the city of Taipei.

How to take Tripool to Baishihu?

Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market (建國假日花市玉市)-030.jpg

Jianguo Holiday Flower and Jade Market

While in Taipei, a visit to the massive flower and jade market is a must. Only held on weekends, this market is jam-packed with a vast array of the season’s best quality flowers, and jade lovers will be stumped by the incredible variety of jade products, from jewelry to other trinkets, available at all prices.

Xinshe Sea of Flowers (新社花海)-019.jpg

Chrysanthemum Grandeur

In December, people throughout the island travel to less-visited towns and catch chrysanthemum flowers in full glory when their soft gold petals surround a rust center. If you happen to be a flower enthusiast, and not many things fill you with joy like petals and leaves do, put Qigu (Tainan), Tianwei (Changhua), Daliao (Kaohsiung) and Hengshan (Hsinchu) on the list for your next trip to Taiwan.

Chiayi City International Band Festival

Every December, the city of Chiayi hosts a two-week extravaganza of tubas, flutes and drums. Don’t expect Carnegie Hall or Woodstock though. Enjoy the festive scenes and sounds of marching bands from home and abroad strutting down the vibrant street with thousands of other spectators lining the sidewalks.


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