Instagram Weekly Challenge #5: ‪#‎rtrSunset

So, a lot of you do head to the coast to watch the tiny fishing boats blissfully drifting on the crashing waves against a golden sunset, while some go high up to the mountains where air is imbued with warm, orange-hued rays of light, almost as if washing away all the negative energy surrounding you — for sure that every single second spent there is a marvel itself. Thanks to the winners of the week, we get to travel a bit while being bathed in golden hour hues:

@bigggggchangfilm, @ben_mol, @trekkingintaiwan, @wonderyumland, @ayusays  and @tz_ying_tang.

The theme of the next challenge will be #rtrArchitecture. If you ever spot some beautiful or unusual buildings in Taiwan that inspire you and are very worth sharing with the world, show us on Instagram!

Gaomei Wetlands



Sun Moon Lake






Kishu Sn Forest of Literature






Elephant Mountain



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