Things to Do in Taiwan in October

Hehuan Main Peak (合歡主峰)-021.jpg

October is no doubt the best time of the year for traveling around Taiwan. You get to avoid the huge crowd but still have fairly pleasant weather, cheaper prices and access to still-open attractions. It is also the best time to visit outer islands such as Penghu, Xiaoliuqiu and Lanyu. The northeast monsoon lasts about six months from October to late March and brings wet weather to the northeast side of the island, while central and southern regions stay relatively dry. In October, average low and high temperatures are 23 °C (74 °F) and 26 °C (79 °F), cooling a bit from the scorching summer heat, especially in the north. We have put together a Forrest Gump-type list of all the wonderful things to do in Taiwan in October. If you are already tempted by those good discounts on accommodation and flights, why not take a look at it?

Langjiao Eagle-Watching Season

Langjiao Eagle-Watching Season.jpg

As a part of the first chain of major archipelagos out from the East Asian continental mainland coast, Taiwan is an important stopover location for raptors coming from the north of Asia. The protruding Hengchun Peninsula on top of the Bashi Channel is where the prey must stay before leaving Taiwan for their wintering sites. Kenting National Park therefore offers a unique opportunity to see congregations of bald eagles in October.


Nanwan (南灣)-060.jpg

Beaches are packed in summer and become much quieter when the peak season finally comes to an end, which means that October is a perfect time to visit those tropical beaches in the south. But which one, though? Well, Nanwan in the beautiful Kenting is definitely your best choice.

Sweet Olive Forest

Sweet Olive Forest (桂花森林)-001.jpg

Every autumn, the sweet olive blooms to detect its appealing aroma wafting on the air. Come to the central Taiwan and soak up the atmosphere of a tranquil forest of sweet olive trees. Order a cup of herbal tea and savor the heady scent under these evergreen shrubs with fragrant flowers.

Guihou Fishing Port

Guihou Fishing Port (龜吼漁港)-001.jpg

In October, a world of people flock to this small fishing port to devour some of the best king crabs around. Connoisseurs can revel in all kinds of finest freshly caught seafood. The most authentic way is to order the items from various vendors and have them cooked by your favorite restaurant in the market, so you can sate your craving right on the spot and save on the dishes. Doesn’t it sound like the best dining option ever?

Lotus Pond

Lotus Pond (蓮池潭)-026.jpg

Lasting for eight days, the Wannian Folklore Festival takes place every October by the largest pond in the Zuoying District of Kaohsiung — the Lotus Pond (42 hectares in area), around which there are more than twenty temples worshipping different deities. This annual event is celebrated with lanterns and fireworks, allowing visitors to peek into the vibrant folk faith of Taiwan.

Taichung Jazz Festival

Taichung Jazz Festival (台中爵士音樂節)-018.jpg

The capital city is not the only place where music lovers can be treated to good jazz music. Every October, Taichung hosts a nine-day extravaganza held mainly at the Civic Square and along Calligraphy Greenway, which has now been recognized as one of Asia’s top jazz festivals, and the city of Taichung proudly becomes the jazz capital of Asia.

Wang Yeh Boat Burning Festival

Wang Yeh Boat Burning Festival (東港王船祭)-106.jpg

Every three years in October or November, the boat burning festival is held  for nine days in the southern port town of Donggang to ward off disease. This Taoist plague-expelling ceremony feasts and fetes a handful of folk deities that eradicate plagues and demons, bringing in their place peace and prosperity (the Wang Yeh, that is) before sending them off to heaven in a fiery blaze where a 14-meter-long wooden boat is burned to the ground.

Yunlin International Puppet Arts Festival

Yunlin Glove Puppet Museum (雲林布袋戲館)-013.jpg

The county of Yunlin is home to some of the purest forms of Taiwanese culture and folk entertainment such as glove puppetry, a traditional art form that is still alive and kicking strong. Every October, Yunlin Glove Puppetry Museum hosts the International Puppet Arts Festival that introduces this interdisciplinary art, combining literature, theatre, music, storytelling, carving, ceramic art and embroidery, through a series of puppet productions, exhibitions, cosplay shows and workshops.

Taroko Gorge Music Festival


Come for the music, stay for the views. With the marvels of Taroko Gorge as the stunning backdrop, Taroko Gorge Music Festival can be one of the world’s most scenic music festivals out there. Even without the music, the area excels in scenery alone. Listen to some of Taiwan’s most recognized classical performers and embrace Mother Nature at its finest.

Nantou Global Tea Expo

Zhongxing New Village (中興新村)-009.jpg

Tea lovers will love this. The Nantou Global Tea Expo is an unprecedented representation of vast array of tea culture. Traditional Dong Ding Oolong, Japanese, Korean, aboriginal, and modern Chinese tea sessions are held continuously throughout the event. Visitors get to participate in all kinds of cultural activities and meeting tea people from all over Taiwan. For anyone, amateurs and aficionados alike, interested in experiencing the pinnacle of a tea cultural event, this is a must destination.

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