Things to Do in Taiwan in July

Ilisin ko Tafalong (太巴塱豐年祭)-167.jpg

July tends to be the hottest and wettest month of the year for Taiwan, but as long as you stay hydrated and take it easy when it gets too hot, July is a great time to visit this subtropical/tropical island and you can enjoy many fun events that define summer in Taiwan.

The heat and humidity can be tough for some to handle, so pack accordingly. Shorts, short-sleeved shirts and tank tops will be your best friends. Flip flops are probably the most common footwear here under the scorching sun. Sunblock, hats, sunglasses and light layers will keep you protected, cool and happy. No one wants to spend their summer vacation hiding out in their hotel room with a terrible sunburn, right? July is also the typhoon season when stormy weather is most likely to be encountered, so bring a waterproof jacket if possible. Since you are already in a packing mood, this is the perfect time to consider our picks for some of the exciting things to do in July!

Harvest Festival of Amis Tribe

Ilisin ko Tafalong (太巴塱豐年祭)-204.jpg

Considered to be the most sacred and holy festival in Hualien, Harvest Festival of Amis Tribe (one of the officially recognized indigenous groups in Taiwan) is similar to Chinese New Year to Han people. The whole festival lasts for four days, with a lot of traditional dancing involved. The dates vary from year-to-year, but the festival is usually held between July and August. This festive event is open to locals and tourists alike, but please be respectful of the tribe and do not interfere with the ceremony.


Luye Highland

Hualien International Ballon Fiesta (花蓮翱翔季)-19.jpg

Luye Highland in Taitung is a big grass slope which, at its highest point, is 350 meters high. The sharp difference in altitude between the bottom and top of the slope makes it a great place for activities in the air. From June to August every year, the Taiwan Balloon Festival is held on this highland, attracting flyers and tourists from all over the world. It is also one of the top family-friendly events in the area. Traveling with your little ones in July? Now you know where to go.


Puli Paragliding

Puli Paragliding (埔里飛行傘)-015.jpg

Try to imagine flying over the beautiful mountains of Taiwan while being carried by Mother Nature’s wind and amazed by the scenic view of the lush and green basin of Puli. And yes, we are talking about the adrenaline-pumping paragliding! In spring and summer, you can enjoy the truly inspirational paragliding in the heart of Taiwan. The blue sky overhead and an occasional breeze will help you forget the oppressive heat.


Sun Green

Sun Green (向陽農場)-005.JPG

For many tourists who come to Taiwan, experiencing the country’s beautiful flowers is high on the to-do list. In the case of lavender, most people will think of the hidden-away mountain Lavender Cottage. For cherry, it would have to be Alishan, Sun Moon Lake and Wulai; and for giant taro, Yangmingshan Bamboo Lake. But when it comes to sunflowers, Sun Green Farm is definitely the place to go. Between May and October is the prime time to visit here, so don’t miss out if you plan to travel in July.


Water Park

Water Park (自來水園區)-006.jpg

Nothing beats the sweltering heat like a quick dip in the water. Installed in the heart of the city, Taipei Water Park will plunge you into a refreshing trip that transports you to paradise in an aquatic adventure. If you want to keep yourself cool and active all day long under the Taiwanese sun, there is no better place than Taipei Water Park.


Fulong Beach


Of course, summer wouldn’t be complete without a full roster of music festivals to fill our calendar. Taking place on the beach of Fulong every July, the iconic Hohaiyan Rock Festival features international indie bands alongside homegrown indie acts on the same stage to cater to a diaspora of music tastes. The beach also hosts the annual Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival from May to July, making this place full of life in summer, day and night.



Xiaowulai (小烏來)-047.jpg

Have you ever thought of skywalking over the waterfall that glides down through the crack of rocks, generating the negative ions to refresh your body and soul? In comparison with the well-known Wulai in New Taipei City, the natural settings of Xiaowulai in Taoyuan afford more direct experience with nature, where a journey through the dizzying glass skywalk at 70 meters high over the gushing waterfall makes for a relaxing yet exciting getaway from the city in a hot summer day.


Xinshe Coastal Rice Terraces

Xinshe Coastal Rice Terrances (新社沿海梯田)-12.jpg

Rice paddies are real summer treat in the east coast of Taiwan. In the summertime, the rice grows like a golden wave that continues all the way to the coast. Watching these beautifully terraced fields swaying in the breeze with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop will really make you relax and forget about all the rest, so make sure you pay this place a visit while in Hualien.



Nanrenshi (男人石)-004.jpg

A trip to the east coast of Taiwan in summer is always a good idea. Always. Many people flock to the Taroko Gorge to witness one of the finest works of art that Mother Nature has ever created but often overlook another peculiar spot very well worth a visit — a rock that resembles a man’s genitals, which is considered to be representative of fertility as well as a symbol of good luck.



Green Green Grasslands (青青草原)-027.jpg

Located at 2,000 meters above sea level, Cingjing Farm treats you to magnificent views of the surrounding 3500+ meter high Hehuan Mountains. No matter the season, you can expect a crisp 15 ⁰C to set the perfect wintertime mood for your visit, which will be a pleasant change from the subtropical climate down below.

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