Taiwan’s Top 10 Hot Springs

Guguan (谷關)-040.jpg

Apart from night markets, hot springs in Taiwan are the must-see for many visitors. Hot springs are loved not only for their novelty, but also for their therapeutic benefits, as they provide relief to nervous, digestive, circulatory or organ disorders. This is because hot springs emerge from the very depths of the Earth, meaning that their waters carry a powerful mix of natural minerals and chemicals that are beneficial to our health. Today, many resort-style hot springs have taken advantage of this, creating luxury spa and health centers where customers can take advantage of hot spring hydrotherapy. However, many Taiwanese still prefer to go and have a good soak in the much untouched hot springs, as their ancestors once did.

For visitors to Taiwan, hot springs are as much a “must-see” as are night markets. Indeed, Taiwan has been called the “Hot Spring Kingdom” and has been ranked among the top 15 hot spring destinations in the world! The tiny island of Taiwan has more than 100 hot springs, which makes our job choosing the best 10 really hard! See below for our final decision!

Beitou Hot Springs – Famous for a reason ( +an easy MRT trip from Taipei!)

Hot Spring Museum (溫泉博物館)-004.JPG

While the Datun Volcano Group next to Beitou is now dormant, there are still signs of post-volcanic activity in the area just outside Taipei City, such as hot springs and solfataras. Indeed, Beitou is home to one of the largest concentrations of hot springs in the world, making it an absolute must-visit. However, because it is so convenient for travel from Taipei, it can be very busy during the winter. Luckily, the option of booking a private hot spring exists alongside the popular and cheap public bathhouses. Make sure to visit the Beitou Hot Spring Museum while you’re here!

Wulai Hot Spring – Steamy bathing + steaming local food

Wulai Old Street (烏來老街)-007.JPG

Situated just across the river from the old street in the village of Wulai, the Wulai Hot Spring is a wonderful way to appreciate the mountainous beauty of the town. The hot springs consist of many different open-air pools, all with different temperatures and depths. As the hot springs are right on the river, many like to go for a swim to cool off afterwards. Don’t forget to stroll the length of old street for a taste of traditional Atayal delicacies! The steaming dishes on offer are equally warming to the body as the refreshing hot springs.

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Guguan Hot Spring – The place to meet

Guguan (谷關)-006.jpg

Guguan Hot Spring is an indoor hot spring situated where the beginning of the busy Central Cross-Island Highway (中橫) used to be. After a dip in tourism following the 921 Earthquake of 1999 which destroyed the highway, Guguan has gradually come back to life, welcoming many to the hot-springs, forest walk, or trout fishing and camping areas. The hot spring here is carbonic acid and a steamy 48 degrees Celsius – great for soaking! Also enjoy the splendid cherry blossoms and local specialty trout dishes available here.

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Wenshan Hot Spring – Intimate, natural soaking

Wenshan Hot Spring (文山溫泉)-009.jpg

Hualien’s Wenshan Hot Spring is something of a hidden gem. As very few locals know about it, bathing in the pool’s shallow cave is intimate and memorable. While it does not feature large resort style facilities like many other hot springs in Taiwan, it is still provides clean and well-maintained showering and toilet facilities. A dip in Wenshan Hot Spring is a lovely end to a day exploring Taroko National Park.
P.S. It’s permanently closed since 2018.

Lengshuikeng – Refreshingly cool

Lengshuikeng (冷水坑)-002.JPG

Located on the east side of Qixingshan just outside of Taipei City, this “hot” spring is actually called “cold” in Chinese! That’s because its temperature is 40 degrees Celcius, which is quite cool compared to other springs in the area. There are separate male and a female public baths as well as a foot-soaking bath that is free of charge. Lengshuikeng is a great choice if you are looking for some refreshment while visiting the beautiful Yangmingshan National Park.

How to take Tripool to Lengshuikeng?

Tangweigou Park – Fishy pedicure + coffee

Tangweigou Park (湯圍溝公園)-011.jpg

Situated close to Yilan’s renowned Jiaoxi hot spring area, Tangweigou Park is known for its hot spring pool where doctor fish happily eat away at the dead skin on your feet while you relax. This spa treatment (of sorts!) gives your feet a whiter look and makes your skin smooth to the touch. There is even an outdoor café where you can have a cup of coffee while the fish nibble away at their own meal! There are also separated naked male and female free public bathhouses here, as well as an outside bathhouse.

How to take Tripool to Tangweigou Park?

The Governor General Hot Spring – Hot Spring with a view

Governor-General Hot Spring (舊金山總督溫泉)-018.jpg

Jinshan’s Governor General Hot Spring is one of the oldest hot springs in Taiwan, having been opened during the Japanese colonial period. This hot spring is most well-known for its beautiful view of the ocean, allowing visitors to gaze out over the sea while they are soaking themselves. There is also a food and tea restaurant on the second floor, which also provides wonderful sea-views.

How to take Tripool to The Governor General Hot Spring?

Fuyuan Butterfly Valley – Outdoor bathing with insect friends

Fuyuan Butterfly Valley (富源蝴蝶谷)-05.jpg

Fuyuan Butterfly Valley is one of the most loved nature attractions in Taiwan. This is because the abundant stream which flows through the valley makes it a natural haven for butterflies and fireflies coming here to breed. As well as a forest walk and waterfall, the outdoor hot spring and spa facilities are a favorite among visitors. Trust us – there is something special about bathing in water from the depths of the Earth, especially when you are doing so in such a beautiful natural environment.

How to take Tripool to Fuyuan Butterfly Valley?

Onsen Papawaqa – Soaking up beautiful architecture

Onsen Papawaqa (泰安觀止溫泉會館)-001.jpg

Resting at the foot of the Xueba National Park in Miaoli, Onsen Papawaqa is one of the most luxurious hot spring resorts in the Taian Hot Spring Area. The resort is made out of the now-extinct Taiwanese incense cedar, which was once used to build temples, deity statues and altars. The uniqueness of this building makes it more expensive than some other hot springs in Taiwan. But the choice between an outdoor, private or naked hot spring, all in a natural mountain-meets-river landscape, makes it well worth the extra expense.

How to take Tripool to Onsen Papawaqa?

Hakoune Onsen – Bathing between mountains

Hakoune Onsen (箱根溫泉)-004.jpg

Situated in Puli, Hakoune Onsen is a Japanese style hot spring set in the mountains. Its beautiful view makes it special, as does the cool alpine breeze that contrasts to the steaminess of the warm spring water. Besides the public bathhouse, you can also pay extra to book a private room. This makes for a romantic addition to any visit to the Cingjing area.

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We have used information provided by Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau to write this article. You can find their website at: http://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002035

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