[時光映像 x Paul 聯名贊助] 世界級的拍攝場景:台灣沙灘與海岸線

Qingshui Cliff Kayak Rolling (清水斷崖划獨木舟)-080

Landscapes diversity and talented filming crews at lower cost makes Taiwan a desirable destination. Although various music videos, car commercials, and hollywood movies were filmed on this alluring island, not many people were aware of it. One of the most popular landscapes for filming is our beaches. For sun and beach during winter, directors can consider Kenting in southern Taiwan to fulfill their needs. There is a special project this week that roundTAIWANround has collaborated with Moment Pictures. With Moment Pictures’ years of experiences in bringing foreigners into Taiwan for film productions, we would like to highlight the top 10 beaches in our beautiful country.

Baisha (白砂)-009 白砂

[墾丁] 白砂 / [Kenting] Baisha / [墾丁] 白砂

Baisha was originally a quiet beach until two popular movies were filmed on the beach. The first movie is Cape No. 7 which turned a new scene for the Taiwan movie industry. The other one is Life of Pi, which was directed by Ang Lee who won the Best Directing of Academy Award twice.
白砂はもともと誰にも知られていない静かなビーチだったけれど、台湾映画業界を起死回生させた大ヒット映画《海角七号 君想う、国境の南》のロケ地に選ばれた後、アカデミー賞監督アン・リーの《ライフ・オブ・パイ》もここで撮影を行い、秘密だった美しい海はついにベールを脱いだ。


[墾丁] 小灣 / [Kenting] Xiaowan / [墾丁] 小湾

One of the top filming locations, Xiaowan, is Kenting’s another precious beach, located at the end of Kenting Street, beside Kenting Caesar Park Hotel. It houses well-organized facilities and nice bar on the shore.


[墾丁] 九棚大沙漠 / [Kenting] Jiupeng Desert / [墾丁] 九棚大砂漠

Arrive at Jiupeng through one of the most beautiful drives: Provincial Highway 26 from Kenting via the southest point of Taiwan. It’s a beach and also a small desert. Hop onto a Jeep, ride an ATV, and enjoy this unique coast. It is an ideal place for filming crews to free their imagination.

Nanya (南雅奇岩)-002Nanya (南雅奇岩)-026[北海岸] 南雅奇岩 / [North Coast] Nanya / [北海岸] 南雅奇岩

Comparing to tropical beaches in southern Taiwan, the coastline in North Coast is much more dramatic. It is shaped by strong northeast monsoon and millions of years of geographic formation. This ice-cream shaped rock in Nanya is less than an hour ride from Taipei City.

Baisha Bay (白沙灣)-003 白沙灣

[北海岸] 白沙灣 / [North Coast] Baisha Bay / [北海岸] 白沙灣

Fulong and Baisha Bay are the most popular beaches near Taipei. Fulong is famous for its train bento and Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival, while Baisha Bay is the closest from downtown for film making.

Wushi Harbor (烏石港)-035 Wushi Harbor (烏石港)-038

[宜蘭] 烏石港 / [Yilan] Wushi Harbor / [宜蘭] 烏石港

The best surfing spot in northern Taiwan is the Wushi Harbor. On a good day, you will get to see surfboards on car rack where foreigners drives up to the harbor. When the weather is good, Turtle Island is visible miles away from the beach.

Cijin (旗津)-016 Cijin (旗津)-054

[高雄] 旗津 / [Kaohsiung] Cijin / [高雄] 旗津

Just a ten minutes ferry ride from Kaohsiung City to a small island, one can enjoy the beauty of the beach from the hills. Old cannon, white lighthouse, big cargo ships, black sand, and fresh seafood makes Cijin one of the popular place for food TV show.


[澎湖] 山水沙灘 / [Penghu] Shanshui Beach / [澎湖] 山水ビーチ

B&Bs in Western and Tropical styles were built to make visitors feel as though their on a foreign private beach. The beach is clear from pollution and is suitable for diving, surfing, and all kind of water activities

Qixingtan (七星潭)-040

[花蓮] 七星潭 / [Hualien] Qixingtan / [花蓮] 七星潭

The Qingshui Cliff and a coast full of pebbles composes a beautiful scene. People find their inner peace just by listening to the sound of the waves. For the filming crews, the sand won’t get in your way, so does your equipments.

Gaomei Wetlands (高美濕地)-007

[台中] 高美濕地 / [Taichung] Gaomei Wetlands / [台中] 高美湿地

The mass wetlands allow tourists to step on. When the sun goes down, walking on the water and seeing the wind wheels spinning make here a romantic beach. Spot tourists stepping onto the mass wetlands. It’s a place for romance: you get to catch beautiful sunset, reflections of your walks on the water and spins of windmills.



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    1. 台灣是座璞玉之島,只因為西邊的大陸、北邊的日本、南邊的泰國與新加坡太過吸睛,讓我們沒有機會曝光,但時間拉長來看,一定會有越來越多西方人與旅客來造訪我們的~

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